MazaCAM from GNT Systems: The successful programming software solution for Mazak machines.

From turning, milling to turn-milling – MazaCAM from GNT Systems is the ideal programming software solution for any Mazak machine: This innovative system gives users the ability to convert their old programs across all controller generations.

Post processors for all Mazatrol controls available on the market already exist in the standard configuration.

As a result, one can flexibly and easily adapt the programming for one’s Mazak machines on demand.

The incredibly user-friendly Windows interface makes MazaCAM easy to operate, while also providing a high degree of flexibility and increasing productivity. In addition, a detailed tool list is generated – even for existing programs.

8 reasons for GNT.NET/CAM and MazaCAM

Innovative system for all Mazak machines (turning, milling, turn-milling)

Reliable programming for various controller generations with one software (from T1 to Matrix/Smart)

Straightforward importing of CAD files in DXF or STEP format

Fast generation of Mazatrol programs on 3-D models

Convenient conversion of Mazatrol programs

Independent programming at the computer and not at the machine

Significant cost reduction by using a single software

Maintain your competitive edge with leading-edge software that always keeps pace with the state-of-the-art

MazaCAM editor – programming in Mazatrol

MazaCAM unterschiedliche Steuerungen in einer Software GNT4U München
MazaCAM Konvertierung von alten zu neuen Steuerungen GNT4U München
Mazak Maschine Quadrex GNT4U München
MazaCAM Mazak-Maschine mit MultiTrans GNT4U München

Program all Mazak controllers with one software – easy operation, short learning curve, and convenient conversion from old to new controllers.

A must-have for your Mazak machines: The MazaCAM editor mimics the user interface you are used to from your Mazak control. Use the benefits of a PC workstation for programming while your machine produces.
The Windows-based software offers all benefits of the PC workstation:
Open several NC programs in various windows and copy program elements and/or processes from existing programs, and then use these in new programs. Convert Mazatrol programs between controller families and controller generations, including Tornado processes.

Associative simulations of Mazatrol programs (line simulation). Click on an element in the graphic to display the NC sequence in the program, and vice-versa Get a runtime estimate even for existing Mazatrol programs.

  • Editing, all controls
  • Conversions, all controls
  • Line simulation
  • Setup sheet
  • Time calculations
  • Edit TPC data

MazaCAM CAD import – read in CAD data

MazaCAM Bearbeitungs-Prozesse-Editor GNT4U München
mit MazaCAM komplexe Konturen abgreifen GNT4U München
MazaCAM Mazatrol Prozess-Editor GNT4U München
MazaCAM 3D-Daten-Verarbeitung GNT4U München

Generate Mazatrol machining processes in the editor, highlight complex contours, and import contours and bores from CAD.

Process 3-D data directly: Machining processes are generated in the MazaCAM editor, whereas geometry information (drill patterns, contours) can be copied directly from the CAD model. Avoid typing errors when entering coordinate columns – copy these directly from the drawing instead.
MazaCAM can directly edit 2D (DXF) as well as 3D (STEP and/or IGES) data.
Programs continue to be written with the MazaCAM editor. By using the interface, you can write your own complex Mazatrol programs much faster and more reliably than by the conventional method on the machine.

  • Read in 2D-DXF data
  • Import 3D STEP/IGES
  • Highlight complex contours
  • Easily copy drill coordinates
  • Avoid errors
  • Faster to the Mazatrol program

MazaCAM-GeoPath – CAM system for Mazatrol

MazaCAM Mazak-Gravur GNT4U München
MazaCAM Bearbeitungsarten Drehen, Fräsen, Dreh-Fräsen GNT4U München
MazaCAM Schrift und Text gravieren GNT4U München
MazaCAM Mazatrol-Programme direkt in 3D erstellen GNT4U München

For all Mazak lathe, mill, and Integrex controls, including all Mazatrol postprocessors. Suited for all machining methods – milling/drilling, turning, and turn-mill.

Generate your Mazatrol programs directly on the 3D CAD model.
For instance for a turning operation, you only need to select the corresponding tool from the tool file, click on the corresponding geometry on the solid, and then enter the machining parameters ( e.g. depth of cut, etc.). You can then generate a Mazatrol process for any Mazak control. Simulate everything in 3-D with chip removal and the selected tools.
Workpieces frequently need to be labeled. Engrave the corresponding information directly on your machine.
Programming with B, C and Y axis, and multi-sided machining for milling are greatly simplified by copying the tool vector from the CAD model.

  • Generate programs on the 3-D CAD model
  • Integrated CAD module
  • Simulation on the volume model
  • Text engraving
  • Milling with B, C, and Y axis
  • Standard DIN ISO output

MazaCAM Trochoidal upgrade

MazaCAM TSC Trochoidal Speed Cutting Taumelfräsen GNT4U GNT.NET-CAM München
MazaCAM TSC Trochoidal Speed Cutting Wirbelfräsen GNT4U GNT.NET-CAM München

Static and dynamic „Trochoidal Speed Cutting“ (TSC) is a combination of circular and linear groove milling with increased feed rates, large cross-sections, and high cutting depths.

  • Shortened machining times
  • Increased tool life
  • Make full use of insert lengths
  • Reduce chatter on the machine, the tool, and the component

MazaCAM 3D milling enhancement

MazaCAM 3D-Fräsen an scharfen Kanten GNT4U GNT.NET-CAM München
3D chamfer on sharp edges
MazaCAM 3D-Fräsen Abrunden von 3D-Flächen GNT4U GNT.NET-CAM München
Chamfering of 3D surfaces
MazaCAM 3D-Fräsen Abrunden von 3D-Flächen GNT4U GNT.NET-CAM München
Chamfering of 3D surfaces
  • Shortened machining times
  • Make full use of Mazak machines
  • Integrated into Mazatrol programming

Machining strategies / selection

MazaCAM 3D Fräsen Schruppen Schaftfräser Torusfräser GNT4U GNT.NET-CAM München
3-D roughing end mill / torus mill
MazaCAM 3D Fräser Schlichten flacher Bereich GNT4U GNT.NET-CAM München
Finishing „flat sections“
MazaCAM 3D Fräsen Schlichten steiler Bereich GNT4U GNT.NET-CAM München
Finishing „steep sections“
MazaCAM 3D Fräsen GNT4U GNT.NET-CAM München
MazaCAM Auswahl der Bearbeitungs-Strategie GNT4U GNT.NET-CAM München
  • Shortened machining times
  • Make full use of Mazak machines
  • Integrated into Mazatrol programming
MazaCAM Anwender bei der 3D-Datei-Verarbeitung GNT4U

User report from „Mothes“ in Solingen

„The more accurate the planning, the better the outcome“ – a motto that is also used to great effect at Mothes CNC Drehpräzision in Solingen. The contract manufacturer is accustomed to supplying nothing but top quality based on tight timelines and close manufacturing tolerances. The company uses the high-performance, external „MazaCAM“ CAM software from GNT Systems to move orders from production control to chip removal as effectively as possible to the machinery.

MazaCAM brochure

Broschüre Download MazaCAM für Mazak Maschinen

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