Production planning and manufacturing control with MES One

MES One is a sophisticated, high-performance software package for monitoring, planning, and analyzing your shop floor. You can enter and manage orders and routings, print working papers with barcodes, enter, monitor, and analyze resources, start and stop SFC functionality for any operation and any routing sequence, and optionally connect MES One to your existing ERP system via interface.


How do I keep an eye on my production lines?

With GNT.NET BDE, MES One has a straightforward application for shop floor control data entry and for monitoring your machines and manual workstations. Resources and processes are easily monitored and supervised with a standard PC monitor, e.g. also directly on the shop floor. The clean output of the SFC status overview provides details for the manufacturing status, cycle time analysis, and for the machine status at a glance. Do you also need to be instantly informed while on the road? Then simply load the SFC InfoMonitor on your smart phone to give you instant mobile access to your shop floor.


How do I improve my production control and production planning?

The central GNT.NET MES order management function gives you a clean overview of your order management. The application gives users the ability to enter orders and to link these with standard routings. Routing steps can be defined for easy recurring access, and can be stored together with time standards. These can be subsequently edited and revised at any time.

Orders consist of the routing for the particular part. These consist of various routing steps, such as cutting, welding, and milling. The routing steps are assigned to various resources, e.g. machines or manual workstations. In turn, these resources are assigned to departments and/or cost centers.

If the order has a due date, you can determine a back-scheduled recommended start date based on the time standards for the routing steps. The planner can then assign the individual orders to the best available resource. Everything is in order as long as the order remains in the specified time span.

How can I analyze my production?

It is best to use GNT.NET VISIO including the shift calendar for analyzing your currently running production. This software clearly and cohesively visualizes status progress, piece count progress, and shift output. VISIO therefore also supports the detailed planning and planning of multilevel manufacturing orders, and identifies not yet planned operations. You have visibility of every department and costs centers. Several connected workstations benefit by instant coordination and fast communication if needed.

Design and operations of MES One

MES One is available as one production license per workstation. We recommend configuring the system with several monitors, to have everything in full view – much like an actual cockpit. Monitoring, planning, and analysis. However, you can of course also use monitors installed on your shop floor for display. Your machines and manual workstations are equipped with MDR/SFC reporting terminals. The manufacturing status by resource is recorded via WLAN, LAN, RFID and barcode. Machines from various manufacturers are also connected to each other in this case.

Do I also need an ERP system for production control in MES One?

A standard MES solution is typically operated subordinated to a leading ERP system. The ERP issues production orders, generates routings, checks resource availability, and determines cost centers. These cost centers are then scheduled.

MES One can however be operated without an ERP interface, and therefore without an additional ERP system. Operations are defined directly in MES One; routings are then generated from these and orders are generated in the correct sequence. The referenced cost centers are then also scheduled. The end-to-end cockpit solution MES One is therefore by itself not only a highly capable and very cost-effective solution for monitoring, planning, and analyzing your production. It performs the tasks of a production planning and production control system, and can therefore also perform meaningful functions of an ERP. Integrating MES One by interface into your existing ERP environment is nevertheless possible for a maximum of data quality.

When MES One is operated with an ERP system, the generated schedules quickly result in an order pool for the individual departments. This is of great value for your production planning. Moreover, entire articles can be imported via the ERP interface or can be entered manually in GNT.NET. Once imported and/or entered, even historical manufacturing data can be saved.

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