Straightforward data assignment and management with the push of a button.

GNT.NET/PDM is a sophisticated production data management capability that gives users the ability to define their own fields and labels: Based on a Microsoft.NET platform, a dedicated type editor is used to define an unlimited number of „nodes and subnodes“ to generate application-specific hierarchies.

The program structure is based on the relevant processing steps that result by working with NC machinery, NC programs, and their supplemental data on a daily basis. This can involve managing and assigning drawings, documents, or images to the relevant nodes.

All contents available for a specific node (article, order, or workpiece) are stored and automatically displayed. As a result, it is immediately evident what NC programs are available for this part on what machine.

Article or order-specific NC program management

Available interfaces to all leading ERP systems

Straightforward and effective project production data management

PDM – production data management

PDM ProduktionsDatenManagement Baumstruktur GNT-NET-PDM GNT4U München
Clean tree structure
PDM ProduktionsDatenManagement Tabellenübersicht GNT-NET-PDM GNT4U München
Table overview
PDM ProduktionsDatenManagement gekoppelte NC-Programme GNT-NET-PDM GNT4U München
Linked NC programs
PDM ProduktionsDatenManagement GNT-NET-PDM GNT4U München

Article and/or order-specific manufacturing database with document management, including integrated document management and drawing management

Straightforward assignment and management of production data at the push of a button: The PDM is structured closely based on the daily processing steps for working with manufacturing data and their components. A user-friendly type editor is used to uniquely define an unlimited number of nodes and subnodes to create application-specific hierarchies. Manufacturing relevant data, such as drawings, documents, and images are then simply assigned to these nodes.
The article and order-specific data can then be made directly available to shopfloor employees via PC terminals. It is then possible to see at a glance whether an
NC program already exists for this article, and on what machine it was already used.
In the standard version, GNT.NET PDM uses a Microsoft SQL-Server, but an Access or Oracle database can also be used.

  • Article-related NC program management
  • Document management
  • Integration to ERP system
  • Image and drawing management
  • Revision management
  • Easily expandable
Produktions-Daten-Management NC-Programmierung GNT4U

Storage of NC programs for articles or orders

For every order, article, or project, all associated NC programs from a wide range of machines can be stored. All manufacturing documents, drawings, and clamping sketches can of course also be managed at the same time.

PDM Produktions Daten Management GNT4U

Labeling of digital photos in ImageNotes

The GNT.NET ImageNotes module is used to easily and quickly add comments and dimensional figures in digital photos.

PDM brochure

PDM-PDV-Broschüre Effiziente NC-Programm Daten Verwaltung GNT4UAll information once again as a
PDF brochure for downloading!

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