Straightforward and fast efficiency increases by design.

The program data management (PDM) from GNT Systems is based on intelligent software solutions for a wide range of subtasks, and therefore covers your entire optimization requirements for engineering and shop floor applications.

Innovative tools for planning, visualizing, organizing, and programming instantly create the best possible conditions for a straightforward and effective analysis of your machine tools.

You can of course also perform simulations – and as a result not only have the option to optimize the efficiency of your processes, but to also perform any required detailed planning.

Available in three different upgrades

Folder oriented structure, with and without database

Database support system with document management

Article-related NC program management

Compatible with ACCESS, SQL and ORACLE

PDV – NC program data management

PDV Programm Daten Verwaltung mit Baumstruktur GNT.NET-PDM GNT4U München
Clean tree structure
PDV Programm Daten Verwaltung mit Editor GNT.NET-PDM GNT4U München
With integrated editor
PDV Programm Daten Verwaltung mit NC-Vergleich GNT.NET-PDM GNT4U München
With convenient NC comparison
PDV Programm Daten Verwaltung GNT.NET-PDM GNT4U München

Folder oriented NC program management for all controls with straightforward programming based on default program structure

Manage NC data easily and efficiently: All types of NC data (DIN-ISO, Mazak, Heidenhain, etc.) can be conveniently managed with GNT Systems program data management. These can be edited or optimized with ease with an integrated NC editor. A high-performance NC program comparison substantially simplifies the efficient archiving of your optimized programs. Moreover, various program revision levels are automatically archived.
At the first upgrade level, the PDV operates based on folders and does not require a database. All NC programs are stored in a controller-specific folder on the computer or the file server. Optimized NC files returned by the machine are temporarily stored in a separate subfolder, and can be conveniently compared with the original files and approved as needed.
The PDV can be expanded into a fully functional CAM system (without post processors, with integrated NC editor), or can be integrated into almost all widely used CAM systems, and additionally has the ability to program Mazatrol.

  • Immediately usable
  • CAM-independent
  • With integrated NC editor
  • NC program comparison
  • Available in three different upgrades

PDV Store – program data management with NC database integration

PDV-Store Programm-Daten-Verwaltung mit Datenbankanbindung Dokumentenverwaltung GNT.NET-PDM GNT4U München
With document management
PDV-Store Programm-Daten-Verwaltung mit Datenbankanbindung Zusatzinformationen GNT.NET-PDM GNT4U München
With supplemental information
PDV-Store Programm-Daten-Verwaltung mit Datenbankanbindung Tabellenfunktion GNT.NET-PDM GNT4U München
Clean table functions
PDV-Store Programm-Daten-Verwaltung mit Datenbankanbindung GNT.NET-PDM GNT4U München

All manufacturing-relevant data on one platform – from document management to integrated drawing management

Enhanced capabilities based on database integration: The modular PDVStore enhancement is used to additionally store all relevant data of an NC program in a database. The NC files are in this case not modified – they continue to be accessible and readable in the folder structure. Documents of all types (drawings, PDFs, Excel tables) are stored in a separate subfolder for the relevant NC program.
In addition, the option exists to link the NC programs to an article, so that the relevant programs for all articles are displayed.
All types of documents and files can be started directly from GNT.NET.
The integration to the existing CAM system is also established with ease. The existing article management (e.g. from the ERP system) can also be used to centrally display all manufacturing relevant data in the PPS.

  • Document management
  • Drawing management
  • Additional documents and photos (ImageNotes)
  • Revision management
  • Easily expandable
PDV Startseiten-Ansicht GNT4U

Optimized processes based on
innovative program data management

  • Compatible with all machine and control manufacturers
  • Compatible with all DNC systems / LAN / WLAN / USB /RS232
  • Straightforward and effective integration into existing CAM systems

PDM brochure

PDM-PDV-Broschüre Effiziente NC-Programm Daten Verwaltung GNT4UAll information once again as a
PDF brochure for downloading!

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