An open-source CAM programming system for milling, turning, and wire EDM.

GO2cam was specifically developed for machining applications and is compatible with many data formats for CAD software systems. GO2cam was designed based on the considerations of easy handling, minimal programming effort, and the best possible machine use.
GO2cam is based on an intuitive, user-oriented interface for the machine operator or programmer as the manufacturing expert.
It does not require specialized computer skills. Programming is consistently easy and straightforward. The software supports substantial time savings compared to manual programming, and also compared to many competitors. It is mature and user-friendly.
GO2cam is the CAM-software for 2 to 5 axis mills.

10 reasons for GNT.NET and GO2cam

30 years of experience developing sophisticated CAD/CAM systems

Simple and innovative user interface

Data transfer from all leading CAD systems

Default tooling and operations database

Straightforward manufacturing strategies, usable on a recurring basis

Documentation / shopfloor set up plans

Rendering and use of clamping devices

Machine space simulation

Matching post processors

Integrated into GNT.NET program data management

Milling and drilling
Turning and turn-milling

Milling Drilling – of 2 1/2 D strategies using freeform surfaces up to 5 axis simultaneous milling

Milling/drilling with feature recognition, including
tombstone machining and rotary table milling

The cam software for your shop floor. The parasolid core in GO2cam gives you access to extensive 2-D and 3-D functions.
Contours, bores, threads, etc. are generated with the GO2cam CAD module, or are directly imported from various CAD systems. The high-performance tolerance module is usable for 2-D and 3-D geometries.
The machining cycles for contour or pocket milling with conical or straight walls involves various machining sequences such as roughing, finishing, and chamfering, including residual material recognition for all tool movements.
Using simple settings for sophisticated machining, you can generate even complex bores that require several operations and tools in a single step in GO2cam.
For complex freeform surfaces for tool and die-making applications, GO2cam features special-purpose, specifically developed machining cycles for free-form roughing, for z-constant machining, finishing, and rework with 3 to 5 axis simultaneously.
Fast programming, short machine runtimes, and high-quality finishes – GO2cam helps to improve the productivity of your sophisticated machine tools.

  • Feature recognition
  • Pocket milling with residual material machining
  • Automated bore machining
  • Free-form surface milling
  • Machine space simulation
  • Higher machinery and equipment utilization

Turning and turn-milling. Programming of complex multitasking machinery

All conventional turning cycles: Multifunction turning and milling with Y and B axis, including Swiss turning.

Fast + straightforward programming of turn-milling machines. GO2cam is specialized on machining with multitasking machine tools and supports variable, independent machine axis combinations: A, B, C, X, Y and Z axis. All conventional, multi-axis, and simultaneous machining cycles are available for fast programming. GO2cam automatically calculates the depth and number of passes for the particular geometry contour. Cutting parameters are assigned based on preassembled and user-generated material libraries. Predefined scenarios are available for synchronizing the machining channels, or you can optimize your program with the help of highly informative bar charts.
Our specially developed setup module wanaGO (in the MTE module) supports machine changeovers ranging from 4-channel revolver machines to lathes with live tooling and B axis.
The specifically developed and integrated machine space simulation can be used to virtually simulate your CAM program and clamping arrangement.
All milling strategies with 3-D milling and 5-axis simultaneous machining are available. GO2cam is the key for the high productivity of your machine investment.

  • Main spindle, back spindle, multiple turrets
  • Part transfer and spindle position change
  • Tailstock, steady rest, and dead stops
  • Complex and multiple tool holders

millyuGO – new patented technology + PAM

Offers a new adaptive roughing operation that is particularly advantageous for machining hard materials. This new technology dramatically reduces production costs.

millyuGo is a new technology developed for generating adaptive tool paths. By overlapping the resulting roughing motions and arc shaped tool paths, the pressure angle is ideally optimized to calculate a constant average chip thickness with our patented 3-D algorithm.
The result is a sixfold increase in tool life and reduced production costs by an average of 50%.

The Modul PAM Anticipative Manufacturing module provides a new method for calculating a constant chip volume for the subsequent finishing operation.
This results in an improved surface finish and raises the bar for machining applications involving complex and thin-walled workpieces.

You lose valuable time if NC programs are retroactively modified at the machine control.

GO2operator is a sophisticated and efficient solution used by the machine operator for better communication and adjustments of ready to use NC programs.

Secure the knowledge of your shop floor employees!
Optimize the use of your machine capacity!

GO2cam brochure

Broschüre GO2cam GNT4U Partner in Deutschland

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