Productivity increases and set up cost reductions on command.

NC-SIM from GNT Systems is a software with programming support that permits virtual machine set up at the PC. Following the 3-D simulation of the NC code, the operator can reliably start the program in automatic mode – and not rarely cut setup costs by more than 50%.

The VMS 3D module is made up of two parts:

The programming element includes a setup tool that already features a standard range of chuck jaws, tool holders, pallets, and inserts. Users can also generate their own additional custom tools. A customizable master program is available for complex peripheral processes, such as material feed motions from barfeeders or the transfer from spindle to back spindle. All objects are entered three dimensionally and the standard functions of the particular CNC control are depicted in the software for programming purposes. Users therefore have the ability to either create their own programs in DIN ISO or to import existing NC programs from a wide range of CAM systems.
The simulation element occupies the right screen half and represents the machine space three dimensionally, including all relevant interference edges, along with the workpiece and tools. A converter transfers the NC code to the simulation, where the particular axis motions are rendered realistically. In contrast to source code simulations offered by a wide range of CAM manufacturers, VMS 3-D relies on simulating the NC code, which dramatically reduces crash risks. And because this is essentially accomplished at the push of a button, it can also be used as programming support. The tested NC program and all setup specifications are then transmitted to the machine. Provided the operator uses the specified clamps and tools – including in the correct length, the operator can omit stepping through the individual NC sequences and immediately start in automatic mode. The setup and downtime of the machine is dramatically reduced as a result!

System is fully configured for the machine and immediately usable

Error-free 3-D simulation of the entire machining process

Previously tested and optimized programs are reliably sent to the machines

Dramatically reduced downtime and set up time

Reliable avoidance of crash risks


The machine is virtually set up in this mode: A complete tool library with 3-D tools is available as a standard feature. Moreover, form macros can be used to easily and quickly create new tools, which can then be positioned on the toolholder or in the magazine. In addition, all set up data such as clamps, work piece blanks, home positions, parameters, etc. are entered for the 3-D machine space simulation.


Following the setup, all NC programs – including those not generated with GNT.NET/CAM – can be read in, analyzed, and simulated based on the machine. This involves starting the NC program sequence with the push of a button and simulating the chip removal with the corresponding tools.


The crash check relates to the entire machine space. The workpiece, clamps, tools, tool holders, steady rest, quill, and machine model are monitored. Moreover, interior machining operations can be made visible by cutting open the workpiece. And the relevant program run-time is displayed.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Fast loading of existing NC programs
  • Virtual tool set up
  • Straightforward starting of simulations
  • Maximized crash control

MoriSeiki turn-mill centers

  • System is fully configured for the machine and immediately usable:
  • Low programming effort
  • Maximized crash control
  • Up to 50% setup cost savings

DOOSAN MX – type series

  • System is fully configured for the machine and immediately usable:
  • Low programming effort
  • Maximized crash control
  • Up to 50% setup cost savings

Crash monitoring

  • Reliable crash detection in the complete interior machine space
  • Simulation stops automatically in the event of a crash
  • Colored highlighting of affected components

Virtual set up with setup tool

  • Extensive tool library
  • Straightforward tool placement on the revolver or in the magazine
  • Automated entry of set up data, such as clamps, workpiece blank, or home positions

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