Flexible GNT.NET/DNC solutions for reliable NC program transfers

The DNC/WinPro system from GNT Systems is a universal software solution that can be operated as a desktop application or as a service in client/server mode. All types of hardware – even mixed – can in this case be operated in a single system. And the modular design also supports use of the complete MDR and SFC functionality at any time.

A modular system with many integration options.

No other DNC system offers the level of functionality provided by WinProDNC: Connected by cable via LAN, wirelessly or serially via WLAN, or by DECT radio transmission – our highly flexible DNC software works together with all data transmission systems and runs on all hardware platforms.
You even have the ability to mix hardware platforms – a completely unique selling feature in today’s market! For example, many GNT Systems users connect existing production buildings classically by cable, and then connect new facilities simply by WLAN or DECT radio.

Wide functionality for any type of CNC machine

Fast connection via WLAN, DECT, LAN or RS232

Flexible coupling with all hardware components

Easy expandability for MDR/SFC tasks via terminal

Advantages & capabilities

DNC directly on the Siemens control:

SinConnect is a data transmission software specifically developed for Siemens 840D controls for convenient input and output of NC programs via standard networks (LAN).

  • SinConnect – data transmission for Sinumerik 840D
  • SinConnect – for Power and Solutionline controls
  • SinConnect – directly from the operator panel of the control

DNC with port server via dummy program:

WinProDNC monitors all configured interfaces to NC machines. Requests from various machines can arrive at the same time. These are processed immediately and the requested NC programs are then available at the operator panel shortly thereafter. All arriving NC programs are recognized by WinProDNC and are automatically stored in the archive of the corresponding machine as a new or optimized program.

  • Straightforward connection via individual port server (InterTrans) LAN, WLAN and DECT
  • Flexible use without additional keyboard ( requested via control)
  • Immediate use for all controls with DIN-ISO programming

DNC with MultiTrans terminal:

Mounted directly on the control, the hardware solution stores or retrieves all NC data conveniently to/from the server. All transmissions are logged and saved in a logbook.

  • Straightforward connection via LAN, WLAN or DECT radio
  • Completely equipped with keyboard and display
  • Serial interface via RS232 V24 and/or USB
  • Reliable requests via keyboard or barcode

DNC via MultiPortserver:

For central use on the shop floor, the port server is installed in a 19″ protected housing and connected to the standard network with a dedicated IP address. The equipment makes virtual COM interfaces(RS 232) available there.

  • Central node with 4, 8, 16 or 32 interfaces
  • Central placement in the protective housing as a substitute for switchbox
  • Direct link to the server via TCP/IP Ethernet


ALCOA – Kelkheim
BOMAG – Boppard
Caterpillar – Kiel
Deckel Maho Seebach – Seebach
EADS-TTW – Schrobenhausen
Fette – Schwarzenbek
GE-Jenbacher – Jenbach
Heckler & Koch – Oberndorf
Ideal – Wittlich
INDEX – Esslingen
KIPP – Sulz
MACK – Dornstadt
Männer – Balingen
Oventrop – Olpe

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