A professional DNC solution for all transmission types.

WinPro DNC from GNT Systems reliably monitors all configured interfaces to NC machines and manages all CNC controls with a clean user interface. The system can in this case be run on the desktop or in the background as a service on the server.

As soon as requests arrive from several machines, these are processed directly, and the requested NC programs are available on the machines shortly thereafter. All arriving NC data are immediately recognized and automatically stored in the archive of the corresponding machine as a new or optimized program.

The connection to the NC machine can for instance be arranged by RS-232 direct connection, a network connection via COM boxes, or through a wireless network, in which case all cable types can be mixed without difficulty.

Special controller protocols (Mazatrol CMT, Heidenhain FE/ LSV2, AGIE, Brother, Hurco, NFS, etc.) increase the user convenience at the NC machine and render different DMC software solutions for individual controls superfluous.

All controls and terminals, with or without keyboard and display

All types of transmission technologies (LAN, WLAN, DECT and RS232)

High compatibility due to many specific controller protocols

Sophisticated client/server connection (MultiPortServer)

Measurable efficiency increases with WinProDNC.

Full view of all manufacturing processes – even if the CNC machine does not have a PC placed next to it: WinProDNC from GNT Systems can be used to directly retrieve the next NC program without having to first make specific arrangements at the computer.

In addition, NC programs created and optimized at the machine are sent without further effort from the operator panel to the central location, where they are processed further.

The intelligent system recognizes incoming NC programs and automatically stores these in the archive of the corresponding machine as a new or optimized program.

  • Fast and reliable key performance indicator determination
  • Worldwide availability of all important analyses
  • Reliable increase and maintenance of productivity

Test now for 30 days at no charge!
WinProDNC test version for Windows XP,Vista,7,8 & Server 2003,2008,2012 / 32/64bit

Maximized flexibility in all areas.

WinProDNC is compatible with the Microsoft® Windows® operating system (32/64 bit desktop and server versions)

Reliable support for all connections.

WinProDNC by itself supports an unlimited number of connections. The simultaneously available connections are enabled by licenses. A license in this case is generally a directly connected machine. Additional licenses can also be acquired retroactively without requiring a new installation.

A wide range of available options:

  • Database version for storing additional NC program data in an SQL database
  • Straightforward editing, searching, and linking possible with CAD, CAM, or other files
  • PDM, SFC, MDR (special hardware may be required)
  • External control and/or integration of DNC functions (send file, receive file, etc.), locally and remotely in the network
  • NFS Server
  • FTP Server
  • Control specific protocols
    • Standard ASCIIaund Heidenhain-FE included in the standard version
    • Mazatrol CMT
    • Heidenhain LSV2
    • Siemens LSV2
    • Deckel LSV2
    • ESAP UDL
    • Charmilles DNC3 (with a dedicated dialog for operating from the PC)
    • FAPT binary
    • Brother binary
    • Bosch LSV2 single protocol
    • and many more
  • Plug-ins for sending emails upon receipt, comparison of original / received file, alert via SMS
  • Client/server version for managing one or several WinProDNC servers via the network – in the background as additional service

Test WinProDNC free-of-charge for 30 days!

System requirements: Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012), 32/64 bit, at least 1 free serial interface, approx. 10 MB for installation + additional storage space for NC programs

This installation can be used without a license for 30 days with 1 interface. If you wish to test logs, call us or send us an email to info@gnt-systems.de.


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