Intelligent GNT.NET/MES solutions for machining applications

Productivity increases made easy: The intelligent software and hardware modules from GNT Systems ensure that controlled, transparent, and efficient manufacturing processes become second nature! Innovative tools for status overview, monitoring, visualization, analysis, and reporting give you an instant overview of the current plan/actual status of your machines and equipment – allowing you take immediate corrective actions as needed.

More cost-effective as a package

MES One gives you a high performance package for recording data for your equipment, planning, and detailed planning of your production, and for analyzing important key performance indicators. MES One is the cost-effective package solution for all production planners and manufacturers.

End-to-end productivity increases with one MES system

GNT Systems manages application-specific GNT.NET-MES projects for machining shop floors – starting with intelligent software modules for machine data recording (MDR), shopfloor control (SFC) and order visualization (VISIO), and including matching hardware components, such as MultiTrans, MobiTrans and Industrie-PC. This involves connecting all CNC machines directly with the existing PPS/ERP system. Moreover, a single IT platform can be used to cover essentially all parts of the production process in need of improvement.
In detail, this looks as follows:
The MDR module monitors the equipment and determines production specific key performance indicators (KPIs). Production KPIs are guaranteed to be accurately determined with the SFC module. The VISIO module provides a forward and backward look at the scheduling chart for all current manufacturing orders. And our hardware components act as reliable interfaces between the software and the machine.

Better control with ongoing real-time KPI measurements.

Better transparency due to instant access to information

Better reliability with optimized on-time delivery and equipment utilization

Better productivity due to effective detailed planning and capacity utilization

Advantages & capabilities

Status overview

The current status of individual machines and entire manufacturing orders can be instantly retrieved and monitored on demand.

  • Absolute control over all machines and equipment
  • Complete overview over current production times
  • Reliable monitoring of all orders, including progress

Detailed view

The detailed itemized listing of all production times guarantees a maximum of transparency for all manufacturing processes.

  • Absolute control over current plan/actual times
  • Complete overview over all orders and machine times
  • Maximized due date control, including capacity display

Mobile apps

A remote desktop can be used to check all manufacturing specific KPI’s anytime and anywhere, and to directly intervene as needed.

  • Absolute control over all processes from anywhere
  • Complete overview over all orders and machine times
  • Maximized due date control, including capacity display

Data recording

A terminal (HARDWARE) with a data entry unit is used to directly read all KPIs directly from the machine, and to forward these to the MDR server.

  • High user acceptance due to straightforward menu guidance
  • Best possible operational reliability due to rugged aluminum housing
  • Reliable identification via barcode or RFID scanner
  • Fast and easy installation via WLAN or DECT

Key performance indicator calculations

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metrics are determined to support machine and company-wide analysis for identifying weaknesses.

  • Reliable determination of manufacturing-specific key performance indicators
  • Ongoing monitoring of overall productivity
  • Reliable identification of weaknesses and improvement opportunities


ALCOA Fastening Systems – Aerospace

As a leading manufacturer of fasteners for the commercial aviation and the aerospace industries, ALCOA supplies high-strength fasteners such as screws and bolts for aerospace and automotive applications. The components are used to fabricate the Airbus A380, among others.

B&S Zwönitz

This successful metal machine shop produces essential components for fixtures, agricultural equipment, wheelchairs, exercise equipment, and machine tools. Other customers include medical device engineering and automobile assembly – both being industries that place maximum demands on suppliers for safety-engineering reasons, which in turn speaks favorably to the quality of this ISO 9001:2008 certified contractor.

Caterpillar Kiel

The engines and drive systems of this well-known engine manufacturer are used worldwide – including in trucks, ships, boats, in-house construction and mining machinery, and a wide range of other equipment. The company also carries high-performance electrical power units that supply primary and emergency power for a wide range of applications, such as drilling platforms or in mines, remote municipalities, hospitals, schools, factories, airports, and office buildings.

Junior Kühlkörper Plettenberg

On more than 100 machines, this highly-reputable speciality shop manufactures ready-to-install precision cooling elements for a wide range of applications and systems – from standard to custom solutions ranging from natural ventilation to forced convention.


Maxon Motor Sexau

As a leading supplier of precision drives and systems up to output ratings of 500 Watts, Maxon Motors develops customer-specific solutions for maximum quality expectations.

phytron Gröbenzell

This technology driver from Bavaria supplies one of the largest product ranges of leading-edge stepper motors and stepper motor power output stages, which are already used by customers in 20 countries worldwide.

Wälischmiller Markdorf

When innovative handling technology, robotics, and radiation protection for use in inaccessible environments are called for, this speciality shop is always at the top of the list.


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