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The shop floor control (SFC) from GNT Systems is used to determine accurate production key performance indicators in real time, allowing all manufacturing processes to be designed with greater flexibility and efficiency. Users can in this case choose between two different system versions: we recommend using our GNT.NET-MES/DNC system without machine data recording (MDR) if the primary focus is on improved order tracking.
In this case, access is provided via terminals directly at the workstation – and all orders and machining operations are reliably checked-in and checked-out by taking into account the relevant personnel data. By integrating the MDR module, machine operators can manually start any order and operation via the terminal, and automatically store all associated machine statuses. A standard interface to all leading ERP systems is of course available for both versions.

Direct access to real-time actual data via terminals at the workstation

Straightforward data entry via user dialogs or barcode scanners

Manual or automated entry of fault reasons

Automated data transfer to analysis modules

All machines and all orders at a glance

The status overview shows all machines and the relevant orders on the monitor – order progress and part count progress are displayed immediately, supporting process intervention.
A large monitor installed on the shop floor creates transparency, and provides the opportunity to instantly intervene in the process.

Order status directly on the monitor

The special info monitor with real-time status display always guarantees complete control over all shop floor data.

  • Complete control over set up and run times
  • Reliable monitoring of part count progress
  • Plan/actual comparison visualized by a control light
  • Ability to directly intervene in the running process

Standardized analysis at the push of a button

The GNT.NET-MES/BDE system can generate on-demand, accurate analysis for individual machines or entire manufacturing lines.

  • Complete overview over all important key performance indicators at the push of a button
  • Automated report generator, including transmission via PDF format
  • Transparent visualization of all manufacturing processes
  • Reliable documentation of all manufacturing key performance indicators

Data recording directly at the machine

Real-time actual data are accessed directly via terminals at the workstation, whether or not machine data recording (MDR) is integrated.

  • High user acceptance due to straightforward menu guidance
  • Maximized operational reliability due to rugged aluminum housing
  • Reliable identification via barcode or RFID scanner
  • Fast and easy installation via WLAN or DECT

Status tracking/machine groups

The status tracking shows you a graphic with the selected timeframe in an image – reasons for interruptions and malfunctions are associated with orders and can therefore be analyzed in detail. The display can of course also be zoomed in and zoomed out.

Status tracking / detailed view

The detailed view displays a screen showing all data together with all machine statuses.

Productivity analysis / variance table

With the push of a button, this function filters and displays all orders and/articles whose cycle time or set up time was exceeded over a specific time frame.

Productivity analysis / table view

This analysis shows a table of all orders presently running on the machine. Order progress and of course the corresponding times are also displayed.

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